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Animali domestici applicabili: animali domestici entro i 12 kg

Materiale zaino: il pannello è realizzato in tessuto PC Oxford ecologico

Dimensioni del prodotto: 31 cm di larghezza, 42 cm di altezza e 

28 cm di spessore

Contenuto del pacco:

1xborsa per animali domestici 

non definito

non definito
non definito
non definito
non definito

Peso 2,27 kg
Dimensioni 460 × 380 × 160 cm

Nero, Verde, Grigio, Rosa, Rosso

63 recensioni per Zaino trasparente per gatti

  1. F***r


  2. A***T

    Seller arranging and listening.

  3. R***s

    Love it

  4. N***a

    Awesome. Does not smell, sews well. DPD delivery to door. We have a huge cat. 8 + kg. He'll be carrying it. Cat does not like the idea, but what to do…
    no remarkno remark

  5. M***m

    Amazing thanks
    no remarkno remark

  6. E***a

    The backpack fully corresponds to the description.

  7. M***s

    Trop chouette!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  8. N***i

    The bag is very very beautiful, the quality is top!
    I highly recommend this seller, thank you very much
    no remark

  9. N***n

    There was a little honed front cover, straightened as much as possible, but the bollards remained

  10. J***o

    The backpack went for a month to Krasnoyarsk. He's gorgeous! Qualitatively stitched seams! Beautiful! DPD came to the apartment door. Tracked only to the Russian customs. I am very happy with buying! The main thing is, when you get the goods, remove the protective film from both sides of the plastic plate. If this does not make visibility through the plastic is bad. But when you take the tape off, it's gorgeous! Visibility Super!)))) kitten my 4-4,5 kg. Fits well! Very happy with the product. Thank you!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  11. I***s


  12. K***h

    The product is fully consistent with the description, the material is durable, it looks very good.
    Delivery was very long due to quarantine and there was a slight problem with it, but the seller was in touch all the time. Very friendly! Thank the seller so much! Recommending!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  13. R***n

    Super. Came very fast, like ~2 weeks after I ordered. (UK) Other products that I have ordered from other sellers ~month ago didn't even reach my country yet.
    The quality is also super, came very well wrapped. Had one bigger scratch, but it's okay. All the inside and outside of the plastic thing was covered in plastic wrap. Just like new.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  14. O***a

    Very cool thing

  15. A***a

    The thing is bomb, light and stylish. But we were not particularly lucky-on the plastic right in the middle of the 8-centimeter crack. And, absolutely impossible to determine-In Transit damaged or in this form and sent. We got upset, but let's hope we carry the animal for a while and in this.
    no remarkno remark

  16. R***m

    Over expectations looooove it ,thanx

  17. A***r

    In general, the Shol portfolio almost 70 days of Dada quarantine strongly complicated the delivery, packed was very good cat is not afraid of it, bottom lining, davolnotaki flexible transparent part, faster than it breaks. The seller is just good, always answers and helped as much as he could) the portfolio is large so that the adult cat of the placed quietly but will be small for the mainkun)))
    no remarkno remark

  18. A***p

    Unfortunately, I've received a defective product. But the seller covered all services for restoring this product.

    Overall the product is good enough.

  19. F***r

    Le vendeur est super adorable. Il répond à toutes vos questions. Le sac est vraiment super pratique. Mon Chaton Do Bong Soon s’y sent vraiment à l’aise. Elle est plus rassurée que lorsque l’on sort. C’est plus pratique qu’une laisse et plus apaisant pour mon chaton. The seller is super adorable. He answers all your questions. The bag is really super practical. My Kitten Do Bong Soon feels really comfortable there. She is more reassured than when we go out. It's more practical than a leash and more soothing for my kitten
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  20. M***z

    Same as the Forum excellent quality Thank you seller

  21. R***v

    It seemed that the backpack would be small, but the photo shows that he was wrong. The cat initially did not like this idea at all, but I think it will get used to. Looks good, tightly walking the zipper on the side of the window and a little torn in the same area on the seam, as if not passed to the end. However, the quality is not bad, the backpack is comfortable, does not knead. There are soft inserts for back and shoulder, for convenience. Inside you can attach the cat to the cable, also there is a substrate under the cat to make it soft. Bought for an adult cat 4 kg. He has enough space, placed two adult cat and cat, in the amount of about 7 kg so that you can estimate. Thank you to the seller.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  22. A***n

    The backpack went a month before Sochi. The courier brought it to the door. The box was noticeable, but it's all inside. There were some scratches on the plastic, but after removing the protective film, (and from the inside too) the condition turned out to be almost perfect. The quality of seams and zippers is good (surprisingly even, for goods from China). There are almost no odors. We are completely satisfied with the purchase.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  23. M***i

    The backpack reached a whole and unharmed, although the delivery was through DPD in Russia. Completely conforms to the description, already walked with the cat. She was shocked by such a gift of fate, but will gradually get used 🙂

  24. T***a

    Nice briefcase! Cat 4,5 kg fits well. 5 days got used to it, then I still put it there, she herself can not stand all the bags and will not go there in any way. But I only let her back legs go now, then she is equipped herself, because she is no longer afraid of this bag) we love to ride, only when the bag is in front of me, so that she can see me. I even open the zipper from above (so everyone is calm, and I see her and she me). It is very cool that the wall is transparent completely, she likes to observe from any position. We are still in an addictive period, now we even ride without an emulsifier. She stinks the flowers to smell, etc. Does not bounce, even when I put on the floor, can sit for a long time, although the top, the side door is open, the emulator is not, sits or lies quietly, rests. If the eliminator is open prefers to go through it, which is logical. In a week, we will visit, we will be there in this bag to walk, see how the behavior will be.
    no remarkno remark

  25. D***.

    Is an excellent backpack. My cat is happy. It is large enough for a Cat 5kg. I have again removed the protective film for This looks dull. The seller is serious and available. Recommended
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  26. L***a

    The bag is perfect, quite large, very ergonomic. I often use it for my kitten and it is very practical. There are two places where we can open it (a small pocket on the side and the whole big bubble)

  27. M***n


  28. D***a

    Nice backpack. I like it, cat-pro mood))

  29. N***z

    The plastic came a little damaged but the shipment was fast and it's pretty. I have three cats of different sizes and all three fit perfectly.

  30. A***v

    Спасибо! Товар получил… Доставка – 2 месяца… товар пришел слегка помятый и с царапинами… имеется и одна трещина… Вероятно, из-за долгого путешествия…
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  31. Y***a

    Рюкзак отличный. Полностью соответствует описанию. Есть защитная пленка на прозрачной части рюкзака. Даже мягкая подстилочка вложена.
    Единственный минус, при транспортировке немного замялся бок рюкзака возле молнии. Но это абсолютно не критично.

  32. S***v

    Неплохой рюкзак переноска , в более холодную погоду самое то , но не в жару , ибо коту от солнца никуда не деться, задыхается в ней , первая переноска купленная для лета больше подходит так как полностью продуваемая и с защитой от солнца, но та не греет в холодную погоду, а в этой прохладным летом или осенью самое то , буду использовать для весны и осени этот рюкзак, спасибо, качество хорошее

  33. A***n

    the shipping is very poor, the goods came damaged
    no remarkno remark

  34. M***n

    Wow! Solid bag and good quality. Also the zippers are good! I am happy with it!
    Shipping was quickly: 15 days to Netherlands.

  35. N***c

    Great quality!
    no remarkno remark

  36. V***i

    долго шёл заказ.

  37. R***s

    The order came, but I'm very upset. The order went as planned, delivery DPD on time. Packing is good. The backpack is intact. On a plastic window on two sides of the film, which should be removed. But here's what upset me: a very short strap. Just a disaster. The seams are bad and spread, on the side door just immediately spread out. But the most sad-the zipper is sewn so tight that when you try to zip it, it begins to diverge. Zip can not be fastened, and the side entrance is open. You can not use a backpack in this condition. Lightning is either under replacement, or it is necessary to expand and sew it again. It's so bad, I was so hoping for this backpack. I took the second from this seller. The first bought more, for a large cat. The backpack was made wonderful, the quality is excellent. The same bought for a cat smaller. We wanted to use backpacks on a planned trip, but unfortunately now we have to first look for repairs, or urgently buy another carrying.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  38. A***v

    Все отлично дошло. Не забывайте снять защитную пленку)
    no remark

  39. R***e

    le sac était abîmé au niveau de la bulle, un remboursement partiel, je suis super déçue , en premier pour mon chat qui ne pourra pas allé en promenade dans ce sac, il pourrait se bléssé.et ensuite le remboursement partiel en résumé : un sac inutile et perdu de l'argent
    no remark

  40. K***a

    the product is the same as on the picture. it would be better if there were instruction manual for assembling the window. the delivery took too long. i ordered another product at another store on the same day and it was delivered 2 wks faster.

  41. L***v

    Замки немного слабоваты, и купол был большего диаметра чем само отверстие куда он вставляется, пришлось подточить. А в целом не плохо

  42. V***v

    Коты 3,5 кг и 4,6 кг, могут и сидеть и лежать. Залезли сами, ну очень интересно) на пластике была защитная пленка, доставил DPD, коробка была всмятку, повезло что всё целое, курьер сказал что никакой ответственности они нести не собираются, но для них это нормально, я вообще их не воспринимаю как нормальную транспортную
    no remarkno remark

  43. K***y

    хороший рюкзак, нам понравился.

  44. M***o

    Котейке понравилось.

  45. S***v

    Отличный рюкзак. пластик в плёнке, защищает от царапин.

  46. J***a

    Доставка была 2 месяца, это долго конечно (( а так все окей. Только плёнку можно запарится снимать, лучше бы она была цельная

  47. H***a

    Упаковка была сильно повреждена и пластик сильно помялся. Защитная пленку не защищает от царапин((, на фото ещё не вся оторвана. А так классный! Большой. Жирный кот влез с запасом
    no remark

  48. S***A

    Scratches and a hall on plastic, apparently there was bad transportation
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  49. K***o

    Best back pack. Just like the images! I get so much compliment using it. The first one was lost in shipment or didn’t get shipped and I had a refund. So I purchased another one. This time it arrived very quickly. Will buy again for sure!

  50. W***a

    Exceeding expectations. Express delivery
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  51. A***a

    The cat is very pleased. Thanks seller
    no remarkno remark

  52. G***r

    Thank you very much for the product. High-quality and pleasant color. Everything was very convenient and quickly arrived. Thanks for your professionalism!

  53. A***V

    A beautiful backpack, koteyke really liked, sits and does not go out, thank you. I recommend the seller, the delivery was a courier to the house, very nice.

  54. F***r

    Came with dents on the window a little spoilt feeling of joy. The cat. Rides in full growth. DPD delivery is very long-why the French narrow to Russia is not clear. On horses for 2-3 days the country does not pass.

  55. D***n

    It’s ok. But scratches and scuffs all over the plastic bubble. A little disappointed, as that could have been easily avoided by using better packaging to protect it.

  56. A***h

    Backpack norms, but the plastic part came scratched and easily scratched in general

  57. N***v

    Came to the country, already 3 days after the order. But 11 more days somewhere "walking the parcel" in the country where I live.
    no remarkno remark

  58. D***s

    Super nice
    no remark

  59. C***a

    The seller is great! It answers all the questions, the sending is fast and the products of very good quality. I order at home all the time and I have never been disappointed and if there is any problem he is there for you.

  60. A***a

    The product complies with the description, it looks solid, to see during use

  61. M***r

    Very serious

  62. H***.

    The backpack came perfectly packed, which was unexpected for me. The plastic part of the backpack was in the film. The backpack was in foam rubber, film and in paper!!!!! Shipping fast. Quality worthy of this money. The smell almost has no. As a gift, the seller put a pillow inside the backpack. I'm happy with the goods, Kitty too. 🙂
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  63. A***i

    no remark

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